Innovative technical solutions for digital supply chains

ECLIPS Logistics is an Australian, veteran-owned engineering business developing solutions for digitally integrated supply chains and autonomous systems.  Our focus is to improve productivity, performance and safety across customer’s equipment fleets and logistics operations. ​

Eclips Logistics

ECLIPS Logistics is an integrated logistics and project management company, delivering innovative technical solutions for digital supply chains, including usage and condition monitoring as well as Automated Identification Technology (AIT) for installed or in-transit assets. ECLIPS Logistics is a technology company with a focus on solving problems through standardisation and data to facilitate knowledge-enabled logistics management, and provides supply chain optimisation, remote infrastructure solutions and ILS professional services.


ECLIPS Logistics works closely with clients throughout the entire duration of a project, delivering the utmost professional service from start to finish.

ECLIPS Logistics and its staff have extensive experience in product development across a variety of capabilities in the Defence and Resource sectors.

The common theme across all ECLIPS Logistics product development projects is sound project management and systems engineering process. This commences in the concept phase of a product lifecycle with significant investment in time and money in researching needs and requirements through activities such as:

  • consultation with users;
  • attending conference events;
  • identifying gaps in products and services during delivery of related projects; and
  • constant (global) market research.



At ECLIPS Logistics, we are always on the lookout for talented and driven team players to join our high-performance team.   We want individuals who are passionate about their work and willing to go above and beyond to achieve success.