Innovative technical solutions for digital supply chains

Our vision

The ECLIPS Logistics vision is to be a leading systems integrator and product development technology company, which solves real world problems, delivering long term value to shareholders, outstanding service to customers and rewarding careers to our employees.

Our mission

The ECLIPS Logistics mission is to design the systems required to unlock digital value in the supply chain and modernise Integrated Logistics Support (ILS).

Our values

ECLIPS Logistics is guided by values that define what we do:

  • Courage to lead – We will set and maintain the standard that others aspire to.
  • Sustainable – Sustainability is the capacity to endure. We will build businesses that are built to last.
  • Integrity – We always do what is right. Do the right thing.
  • Teamwork – We are better together, and work as a team.
  • Innovation – We challenge the status quo using a culture of “yes we can, if…” to unlock opportunities. 
  • Excellence – We pursue professional excellence in everything we do and embrace continuous improvement always providing quality products and services.

Our team

Matthew Shea | ECLIPS Logistics

Matthew Shea

Chief Development Officer

Matthew served 15 years in the Australian Army with multiple operational deployments, training, staff and command appointments. After leaving the Australian Army, Matthew was employed as a major projects executive at Parsons Brinkerhoff (now WSP) and Balfour Beatty. Matthew was responsible for the winning, planning, resourcing, management and execution of multibillion-dollar programs in the mining space. His product development experience included leading teams in the design, development, testing and installation of containerised water treatment systems for Indigenous communities and mining camps, through to the automation of mines sites and the introduction of robotic mining equipment. Supply chain optimisation and automation are key areas of focus for Matthew. Matthew was the Project Manager for RPDE Task 59 and was the solution architect for JMILS. Matthew is an Australian Institute of Project Management (AIPM) Certified Practicing Project Director (CPPD) and the Chief Development Officer (CDO) for ECLIPS.

Matthew Hanlon | ECLIPS Logistics

Matt Hanlon

Director of Products

Matt served 16 years in the Australian Army with multiple operational deployments, CASG, staff and command appointments. After leaving the Australian Army, Matt was employed in a variety of roles at M5 Network Security (M5). M5 was a very innovative company designing and manufacturing secure mobile communications solutions for Defence and government. M5 was eventually acquired by Northrop Grumman, which exposed Matt to a new level of disciplined product development within a quality framework. Matt’s roles in Northrop Grumman included Director Programs and Director Products. In the latter role, Matt was responsible for planning product development and through life support for complex communications products and cyber security services. Matt is the Director Products at ECLIPS and is the project manager of the current DIH D-JMILS project. Matt is a thought leader on HUMS and Sense and Respond Logistics (S&RL) for Defence applications.

Andrew Constantine | ECLIPS Logistics

Andrew Constantine

CSC, Logistics Consultant and Executive Director

Andrew served 24 years in Defence as a logistician, with multiple operational deployments, Staff and Unit Command appointments. Andrew’s final role in Defence was the Executive Director of Joint Logistic Information Systems during the delivery of JP 2077Ph2B.1 and the development of JP 2077Ph2D, as well as being responsible for the sustainment and development of Joint Logistic Information Systems. Upon leaving Defence, Andrew has led large (700+ personnel) teams and managed complex supply chains in Oil and Gas. Andrew has also been the project manager for the roll out of CamcodeUID in the ADF and provides supply chain optimisation for large international mining, oil and gas customers.

Mark Redman | ECLIPS Logistics

Mark Redman

General Manager ILS

Mark has over 21 years’ experience in the development, application and delivery of support solutions for Defence and industry across a variety of environments. A highly skilled supportability and reliability engineer, Mark has a wide range of experience in supportability engineering, Reliability Availability & Maintainability (RAM) engineering, project management and system requirements development. Most recently working for L3Harris as the ILS manager, Mark has been responsible for planning, developing and executing supportability requirements. Mark developed the HUMS policy for the Director General Logistics – Army (DGLOG-A) to provide policy and guidance for the implementation of a common decision framework. Mark is a thought leader on the development of HUMS. Mark is the current General Manager – ILS for ECLIPS.

Samantha Aitken | ECLIPS Logistics

Samantha Aitken

Project Manager

Sam served 6 years as an RLC Officer in the British Army with an array of deployments and an operational tour in Afghanistan as a Combat Logistics Patrol Commander for Herrick 11. Sam has experience in leading large teams (up to 500 personnel), and has worked in a variety of environments alongside several different Allied Defence Forces. Sam was a Project Manager at British Army HQ for Logistics Capability Development for Combat Service Support as part of the UK MOD Army 2020 transformation program. This role involved project managing the reorganisation and redistribution of all Logistics Regiments in Germany and the UK, a complex task involving community engagement and liaison with local government and environmental agencies. Sam is well versed in Supply Chain and Distribution Management in Defence and the Australian commercial environment. Since transitioning from Defence, Sam has worked in Logistics Operational management positions and Commercial Distribution management roles. Sam is an emerging project management professional who is PRINCE2 and PRINCE2 Agile Practitioner trained, and working towards the Australian Institute of Project Management (AIPM) Certified Practicing Project Director (CPPD). Sam is an ECLIPS Logistics Project Manager and has been responsible for project support on the DIH D-JMILS Project.

Erica Barrett | ECLIPS Logistics

Erica Barrett

AIT Lead

Erica is an engineering technology leader with 6+ years of project development, design and delivery experience across a number of industries including defence, power systems and oil and gas. In Erica’s recent role employment with global technology leader ABB, she was responsible for promoting and architecting digital transformation solutions utilising ABB’s industrial process and cyber safety software, predictive asset monitoring and energy optimisation technologies. Erica is currently focused on Automatic Identification & Data Capture applications for asset logistics visibility & condition monitoring, including the use of RuBee IEEE1902.1 protocol. Erica has an Honours degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of New South Wales.